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Albert mention
From an interview with John Hurt: He was surprised to be knighted by the Queen last month. “I did nothing to encourage it,” he says, and after a pause adds mischievously, “Some people do, you know.”

It would be indelicate to discuss names, but we know those who have turned it down. “Albert [Finney] refused because he says he’s only just got used to being called ‘Mr’. And so did Paul [Scofield]. They’re not agin’ it, but didn’t want it for themselves.
Posted on 18th August 2015
Albert mention
From an interview with Michael Caine: Caine said the best movie he never made was an adaptation of Ronald Harwood's play "The Dresser".

"I was great friends with Orson Welles, and there was a storey, an English play called 'The Dresser' about an old ham actor -- like ham Shakespearean actor -- and his homosexual dresser.

"It was done by Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay, very well I might say. But Orson and I wanted to do that, they had already bought the film rights. And I think that is the best picture I never made."
Posted on 26th May 2015
Albert at the Old Vic for Peter O'Toole memorial
Albert attended Still Loitering, a celebration of Peter O'Toole’s life and work at the Old Vic theatre in London on the 18th May and Kevin Spacey tweeted a picture:

Posted on 21st May 2014
Happy Birthday!
Albert is 78 today - Happy Birthday, Mr Finney! :)

Posted on 9th May 2014
Albert mention
Albert is mentioned in an interview with Robert Powell, who is currently playing Poirot in the play Black Coffee: In Black Coffee, Powell dons the famous moustache of Christie’s Belgian detective, an iconic role played by greats such as Peter Ustinov, David Suchet and one of his own heroes, Albert Finney.

“Just down the road from me, as I grew up, was Albert Finney. He was a little bit older, but if ever I needed someone to look up to, follow and admire, then it would be Albert,” he says.

“My mother and his mother used to share the same hairdresser, and would swap notes about us, which was quite funny.”
Posted on 12th April 2014
Albert mention
Albert is mentioned in an interview with Michael Douglas: (Michael) Douglas, however, who was given the all-clear last year after suffering with throat cancer, believes it offers a message of hope that life can begin again, no matter what someone's age is.

"And hope for a career too," he adds. "Two of my favourite actors are Michael Caine and Albert Finney. They're two Brits who have mellowed like a fine wine and they are inspirational to me.

"They're both older than me and I'm looking at how they're still conducting their careers, so I'm hopeful about that."
Posted on 2nd January 2014
Skyfall screen captures
I've added 200+ screen captures of Albert in Skyfall to the photo gallery.

Posted on 6th April 2013
Skyfall on DVD
Skyfall is now available on Region 1 and Region 2 DVD!

Posted on 23rd February 2013
New Skyfall poster
A new character poster for Skyfall of Albert as Kincade has been released! See the image below and click here for a bigger version.

Posted on 3rd February 2013
Skyfall: Image and Region 2 DVD release date
I've added an image of Albert from Skyfall to the photo gallery. According to, Skyfall will be released on Region 2 DVD on the 18th February and is available to pre-order now. The Special Features listed are: Title Sequence - Working Titles, Women - The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful, Locations - License To Travel, DB5 - Behind the Wheel and Soundtrack Promotional Spot.

Posted on 29th December 2012
New interview with Albert
There's a great new interview with Albert online at the Manchester Evening News website called "Actor Albert Finney - son of Salford - loves to come home". Read and watch it online here.
Posted on 30th November 2012
Albert mention in an interview about Skyfall
Albert mention in an interview with 'Skyfall' Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson:

Speaking of the fiftieth anniversary, there’s been word around the internet that there was a part to be played by Sean Connery.
BB: That was a rumor. The thing is that – I guess – as part of the excitement of having a franchise like this is that people are always talking about it, and a lot of rumors are circulated that don’t start with us. I don’t know where that came from, but I think Albert Finney – that was the role they were talking about – Finney in that role, he’s such an iconic actor, and he’s got such warmth, he’s just such a delight in that role. We needed to cast someone who the audience would have a sense of familiarity, though he’d never been in a bond film before. We wanted Bond to see him and feel he’s an authentic authoritarian figure from his childhood, but also have the warmth and affection for him that was necessary, I think he’s done a great job, I can’t imagine anyone else in the role.
Posted on 11th November 2012
The Bourne Legacy DVD available to pre-order now
The Bourne Legacy will be released on Region 1 DVD on the 11th December and on Region 2 DVD on the 3rd December and is available to pre-order now at or

Posted on 4th November 2012
'Skyfall' box office up to $96 mil overseas
From Variety: Sony-MGM's latest Bondpic "Skyfall" shows no sign of letting up, following its $83 million overseas debut from 25 markets. Through Monday, the film has cumed a hearty $96.6 million overseas.

The U.K. led the charge on Monday, by far, contributing a record-setting $6.8 million gross that day, for a local four-day tally of $39.3 million. "Skyfall" surpassed the previous Monday record in Blighty set by "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" (at approximately $5.2 million).

France follows for "Skyfall," with $12.8 million in four days, while Russia so far has contributed $9.2 million through Monday.

"Skyfall" scored No. 1 perfs in all of its debut territories last weekend. What's more, the film already is outgrossing the previous Daniel Craig-starring Bond installments.

The two-week early international debut of "Skyfall" was timed to give the film more breathing room internationally before other year-end tentpoles like "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" and "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey."

Sony launches the Bond film Nov. 9 Stateside.
Posted on 31st October 2012
Skyfall interview
On YouTube there's an interview with Albert about Skyfall:

Posted on 17th October 2012
Skyfall - Albert on set image
I've added an image of Albert on the set of Skyfall! The image appeared in Live magazine with the caption: Daniel Craig and Albert Finney, the gamekeeper at 007's ancestral home, Skyfall, between takes. In this scene they're arming themselves before Silva attacks. A slightly bigger version of the photo can be found here in the gallery.

Posted on 7th October 2012
My Uncle Silas - The Complete Series DVD
My Uncle Silas - The Complete Series will be released on Region 1 DVD on the 18th September and Region 2 DVD on the 19th November and is available to pre-order now from or

Posted on 14th September 2012
Royals to attend James Bond "Skyfall" world premiere
From Reuters: British royal couple Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, will attend the world premiere of the newest James Bond film, "Skyfall," at the Royal Albert Hall in London on October 23, producers said on Friday.

The premiere will benefit charities that support former and current members of Britain's intelligence agencies.

The Bond film franchise has a history with Britain's royal family. Over the years, many of them - including Princes William and Harry - have attended premieres and used the event to help support various charities.More recently, 86-year old Queen Elizabeth made her film debut with James Bond star Daniel Craig during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics in July, in a spoof video that ended with her appearing to jump from a helicopter into the Olympic stadium.

"Skyfall," which stars Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Albert Finney, will be released in the UK and internationally on October 26. The film, directed by Sam Mendes, hits U.S. theaters November 9.
Posted on 8th September 2012
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18th February: Skyfall DVD (Region 2)

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Released: 26 October 2012 (UK)

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